Thursday, November 20, 2008

WAC Volleyball Tournament Underway

The 2008 WAC Volleyball Tournament is now underway! We are coming to you live from Honolulu, HI!

We are in the second set of the first match of the Tournament. Lousiana Tech (seeded nine) and Fresno State (seeded eighth) are fighting to advance in the Tournament.

Louisiana Tech won the first set 25-23.
Fresno State just took the the second set 25-23

In other WAC Volleyball Tournament news we had a very long tournament banquet due to the fact that one team decided to test the limits of hotel elevator by stuffing 16....yup, that's right 16 females in one elevator. As you can imagine the elevator got stuck....for over an hour! I am happy to report that the team made it out safely and the banquet proceeded as planned. I can honestly say that they will not attempt that again!

We are now in our ten minute intermission between sets two and three.
Just a reminder for those of you who are unfamiliar with volleyball terms. Each individual game is know as a set and there are a total of five sets in one match. A team needs to win three sets in order to win the match.

Little Luke Bailey just shared his delicious Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts with myself and Hope Shuler, Director of Media Relations.

We are about to start set number three of the match. Since La Tech and Fresno split the first two sets will be forced to go to a minimum of four sets to determine the winner of the match.

We have a sporadic crowd at this mornings first match.

Fresno State leads the third match 6-3.

A point is award after each service....this is also known as rally scoring.

The Bulldogs are up 9-7.

"Are you the Shuemacher's from Dirty Dancing," commented Hope Shuler, Director of Media regards to my large purse falling over and a variety of her pens spilling out onto the floor.

Fresno State is now up 15-9 in set three of the match.

La Tech is now within two points of Fresno State....

Fresno State leads 23 - 22.

Fresno State just won the thir set of the match.
In order for them to advance in the tournament they will need to win one set.

We are tied at three a piece in the fourth set of the match.

Elizabeth Kampfe, Director of Championships just saved the day by catching a volleyball headed our direction. Good hands EK good hands.

La Tech just took the frist time out of the set. Fresno State leads 9-5.

Fresno State is up 12-9.

Time out Fresno State....a little Smooth Criminal is coming through the speakers...

FSU is up by one point...15-14.

Time out Fresno State...Louisiana Tech is leading for the first time of this set...17-15.

Fresno State just scored four straight points to reclaim their lead...19-17.

Fresno State is now up 23-19. If they win this set they win the match and advance in Tournament action.

Fresno State just won the set and the match.
I will be back to blog about the second match (Nevada/Idaho) of the tournament in about thirty minutes.
See you then.

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