Friday, November 7, 2008


Match Three is just underway.
Fourth seed Boise State is looking to knock off first seed Utah State.

40:56 left and Boise State just tallied their first foul of the match.

There is a pretty sizable crowd this afternoon....a number of Utah State fans have made the trip out to Reno for the Tournament.

36:09 Boise State has the first shot of the game which was wide.

32:20 Shantel Flanary has the first shot on goal for Utah State....Save by Jennifer Burns.

29:36 Corner Kick by Utah State's #9 Lindsey Smart resulting in three shots on goal....but nothing could get past Jennifer Burns.

27:46 Corner Kick by Boise State #11 Sheyenne Jones. Save by Ali Griffin.

23:04 Yellow card on BSU's Kaylea Perenon.
Both teams have tallied four fouls with less than 18 minutes left in the match.

15:50 Shot by Utah State's Lauren Hansen. Save by Jennifer Burns.
Utah State now has five shots on goal resulting in zero goals.

13:09 A corner kick by Boise State has no results for the Broncos.

Just under ten minutes remain in the first half and we are still scoreless.

Combined the teams have tallied ten fouls.

6:09 Shot by Utah State's Erin Salmon. Save by Jennifer Burns.

4:38 Utah State's Erin Salmon attempts her second shot on goal. Save Jennifer Burns.

2:19 left in the match and Utah State's Erin Salmon had her third shot on goal. Save Jennifer Burns.

1:12 Injury timeout.

The ball is now back in play.

The first half of the match just ended. We are still scoreless.

We start off half time with a little Motel Jordan...This is How We Do it....
After a few PA announcements we are treated to a little Bon Jonvi...Shot Through the Heart...a classic tune.

The teams are heading back to the field. We are three minutes away from the start of the second half.

The second half is now underway.

43:20 Shot by Boise State's Randi Baker was blocked.

It is a beautiful day here in Reno. Sunny skies and 66 degrees....a perfect day for a soccer match.

36:18 Utah State's Stefani Shiozaki shot is high.
We are still scoreless.

A statistical update for you:
Utah State has tallied eight shots, seven shots on goal and six fouls while
Boise State has racked up five shots and nine fouls.

30:01 Wide shot by Boise State's Randi Baker.

23:04 remain in the second half of the match.

Utah State is now on the attack.
Boise State is having difficulty getting the ball past the 40 yard line on the north side of the stadium. For those of you who don't know, the soccer tournament is taking place at Mackay Stadium home of the Wolf Pack football team.

17:15 left in the match and we are still scoreless.

12:17 GOOOOOAL kicked in by Utah State's #17 Lauren Hansen assisted by #26 Andrea Seledee.

Ten minutes remain in the match. The score is 1-0 Utah State.

Another statistical update for you:
Boise State has seven shots and 13 fouls while Utah State has nine shots, eight shots on goal, one goal, one assist and eleven fouls.

6:09 remaining in the match.

4:33 A corner kick for Boise State produces nothing for the Broncos.

1:49 a yellow card was awarded to Utah State's Marissa Sanchez and one was awarded to Boise State's Lindsay Roberts.

End of match. Top seeded Utah State will move on to the Championship round to face the winner of the Nevada / Fresno State match.

We will be back to blog at the Nevada / Fresno State match in about 30 minutes.

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