Sunday, November 9, 2008


We are about 15 minutes out from the championship match of the WAC Women's Soccer Tournament. Top seed Utah State and second seed Fresno State will square off for the Tournament title and automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament.

So far this season Utah State is unbeaten in conference action.

We just had the team introductions and National Anthem. We are moments away from the start of the match. Its a pretty cold day...about 45 degrees, cloudy and windy.
The weather is not a factor to the crowd...they are pretty vocal and the match is just underway.

41:19 so far the ball has stayed towards the center of the field with no action by either goal.

40:01 Fresno State has the first foul of the match.

39:43 A header shot by Utah State's Candice Clark is just wide of the goal.

38:33 Fresno State responded with some pressure on goal but has no results. We are still scoreless.

35:03 Both teams are having trouble pushing the all past the 20 yard line.

31:46 Throw in Fresno State....we are still scoreless.

28:20 Corner Kick Utah State. After some action by the goal we are still scoreless thanks to a save by Fresno State's Kaitlny Revel.

25:55 GOOOOOOAL by Utah State's #17 Lauren Hansen assisted by #19 Candice Clark.
That was the first goal scored on Kaitlyn Revel in the four matches and only the second in conference action.

23:44 GOOOOOOAL by Fresno State's #19 Ali Sill. We are now tied at 1-1. The Fresno fans respond with loud cheers and barks.

That is two goals in two minutes.

21:55 Shot by Utah State's Erin Salmon. Save by Kaitlyn Revel.

20:08 A direct free kick is awarded to Utah State. We are still tied at one a piece.

17:20 remaining in the first half of the match.

14:34 Corner kick by Utah State resulting in nothing.

We are just under the 12 minute mark in the match and we are still tied 1-1.

A statistical update:
Fresno State has three shots, two shots on goal, one goal and six fouls while
Utah State has six shots, three shots on goal, one goal, one assist and six fouls.

Utah State is on the attack but can't seem to get the ball past the twenty yard line.

Four minutes remain in the first half of the match. Still tied 1-1.

The Aggie fans are trying to inspire their team with a cheer from the crowd.

The first half ends in a tie 1-1. Both teams are now retreating to their locker rooms.
A quick shout out to our sponsors of for the tournament....Brine, Geico and Gatorade.
A little JT is blaring over the speakers providing some entertainment for the Aggie and Bulldog fans.

We are just about to start the second half of the second half. We start off the half still tied 1-1.

39:13 Shot by Utah State's Lindsey Smart was high.

35:20 Shot by Utah State. Save by Fresno State's Kaitlyn Revel.

Both teams are having difficulty getting the ball anywhere near the goal.

Another statistical update for you...
Fresno State has four shots, three shots on goal, one goal and eight fouls while Utah State has 14 shots, four shots on goal, one goal, one assist and seven fouls.

27:30 Corner Kick Fresno State results in a close call but no goal.

25 minutes left in the half.

Fresno State is attacking aggressively and has control of the ball for most of the half.

22:20 Fresno State's Nicole Gutierrez attempted two shots, one was deflected the other went wide.

18:34 remains in regulation play. We are still tied 1-1.

14:00 Corner kick by Utah State...the ball was kicked away from the goal.

9:08 Corner kick by Fresno State results in nothing.

4:00 remain and we are still tied one a piece.

The winner of this match will automatically receive a bid to the NCAA Soccer Tournament.

One minute remains in regulation and Fresno State has a corner kick. The ball is deflected out of play and Fresno State has another chance. ...but nothing comes from the kick.

Match ends. Since we are tied at 1-1. We will have a five minute break and being our first ten minute over time period.

If we still have a tie at the end of the first over time period we will have another five minute break and followed by a second ten minute period. If we are still tied at one a piece following the conclusion of the second over time period we will go into penalty kicks.

We now have ten minutes on the clock and the first period of over time is underway.

GOAAAAALLL with just over 5 minutes left by Fresno State's Elora Martinez!

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