Thursday, November 20, 2008

San Jose State vs. Utah State in match three of the Tournament

We are back in action at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu, HI as the fifth seeded San Jose State Spartans and the fourth seeded Utah State Aggies fight for a spot in the semi - final match set for tomorrow afternoon.

The Aggies are on top 10-6.

Utah state has a comfortable seven point lead.

Both teams are consistantly chattering, keeping the lines of communication open on the court.
Utah State has increased their lead over San Jose by eight, 21-13.

Match point Utah State...

Utah State wins the first set 25-16. The Aggies lead one set to none.

Set Two is about to begin, with the Aggies having the first serve. The first point was awarded to San Jose State. The Spartans lead 4-1.

San Jose has a four point lead, 10-6 over Utah State.

The Aggies are starting to get back in the zone. They have the serve and are down by two points, 12-10.

Utah State is within two points.

The Spartans are leading the second set 21-16.

The Aggies had a nice rally are are within three points of the Spartans.
San Jose State is at match point with the serve. They lead 24-22.

San Jose takes set two of the match.

Set three has just started. Utah State is down four to two.
SJSU is up 8-6.

Its like a disco / rave in here...exciting times.
Eddie Morelos, Assistant Director of Media Relations for New Mexico State just described himself as a social butterfly traveling from flower to flower.

San Jose State is up 22-13
Match point San Jose State.
San Jose State is building off of their fans energy as we head into the fourth set of the match.

Match four is about to begin...Utah State will have the first serve of the set.
Utah State leads 2-1.

Both teams have a decent amount of fans in attendance at the match and we are tied at six a piece.

If San Jose State wins this set they will advance to the semi - finals set for tomorrow evening.

Utah State leads 10-7 in this do or die set.

Utah State's Chelsea Fowels, just served two tough points for the Aggies.
Both coaches have been extremely calm throughout the set. Utah State stil has the lead, 16-11.

We are now is set five of the match and San Jose State is up 8-5. The team that reaches 15 points first will win the match and the semi-finals spot.

The Spartans are just three points away from advancing in the tournament.

Match point San Jose State.
San Jose State will advance to the semi-finals of the WAC Tournament set for tomorrow evening
at 5pm to play the winner of the New Mexico State/Fresno State match.

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