Friday, November 21, 2008

WAC Volleyball Semi-Finals, UH vs. Idaho

We are about fifteen minutes away from the the final match of night featuring the second seeded University of Hawai'i Bows and the third seeded University of Idaho Vandals.

The stands are starting to fill in here at the Stan Sheriff Center. The Bow nation is strong this evening. Both teams have cheerleaders present (UH plays host to Idaho tomorrow at Aloha Stadium).

We are just under one minute away from the start of the match.
The teams are preparing for starting line ups, we are following the NCAA format - we introduce the entire team starting with the non-starters, then the starters, followed by the libero, the team captains and the coaching staff (assistants then head coach).

The teams are making their way onto the court while the crowd is chanting "Let's Go Bows!" There is a great crowd/atmosphere here in the Stan Sheriff Center!

Idaho has the first serve of the set and Hawai'i comes away with the first point.
2-1, Hawai'i leads.
We are now tied at two a piece.

The Bows are up by three, 5-2.
Time out Idaho.

Idaho is within two points of UH, 8-5.

The Idaho fans respond to the 'Go Bows!' with a "Go Vandals" chant.
UH is only up by one point, 12-11.

The teams are going point for point.
Idaho now has a two point lead and both the Idaho and UH fans are getting into each volley of the set.

We are tied at 18.
The Bows are up 22-20 in the first set of the match.

25-21 UH wins the first set of the match.

UH will have the first serve of the second set....the band is getting behind their team chanting....the Bows will have the first point.
The Vandals respond with a point of their own.

The floor wipers sporting their WAC Play Up shirts are doing an excellent job this evening.
UH is up by one, 3-2.

The crowd is getting into every play and point.
The Bows are up two points, 6-4.

Time out Vandals. UH is up four points, 8-4.
9-5 Bows lead.

Hawai'i has expanded their lead to six, 11-5.
13-9, the Vandals are looking for a rally to propel them ahead of the Bows.
The Vandals are within two points of UH.

Time out. The Bow's Band is providing the crowd with some entertainment....A little Hawai'i 5-0! The crowd responds well to the song with a little paddle action.

14-13, the Vandals are gaining momentum.
A mix up in communication costs the Vandals a point.
However, they rebound and gain a point in the next play.

Time out Vandals. UH leads 20-16 in the second set of the match.
UH is up 22-20.

Match point Hawai'i.
Idaho steals the order for either team to win the set, they must have a two point advantage.

Time out. We are tied at 24.
Out of the time out, UH takes the first point, giving them match point.
Hawai'i takes the set. In order to advance to the championship round the Bow's have to win one more set.

Set three is now underway. UH leads 6-1.
So far, UH is dominating this set.

Time out Idaho. They need this time to regroup and find a way to stop UH.
Hawai'i extends their lead to 13 points.

Hawai'i has reached the 20 point mark.
They are now four points away from winning the set and advancing to the championship round.
The winner of this match will face top seeded New Mexico State at 3pm (HST) on Sunday.

Match point Hawai'i. The crowd is now on their feet.
Hawai'i sweeps Idaho in three sets to advance to the championship match.

It's official, the top two seeds and regualr season co-champions will play each other for the Tournament title on Sunday at 3pm (HST) here at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu, HI.

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