Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hawai'i vs. Boise State in the Final Match of the First Day of the WAC Volleyball Tournament

Second seeded Hawai'i takes on the seventh seeded Boise State Bronco's in the final match on the first day of the WAC Volleyball Tournament. The winner will advance to the semi-final match tomorrow evening at 7:30p.m. (HST).

We are about three mintues away from the start of the match.

The crowd has increased considerably. I would guess we have around 2,500 fans in attendance.

The teams are lining up for team introduction and the Anthem...we will hear Hawai'i's State Anthem followed by the National Anthem.

It looks like the crowd has now grown to over 3,500 fans!

Boise State scores the first point of the match.

The crowd is really into the match and haning on every point scored by Hawai'i.
The arena is silent when Hawai'i serves the ball. Hawi'i leads the set 6-5.

Time out Boise State. We have a brief sponsor read and then some entertainment by the University of Hawai'i Volleyball Band. For those of you at home in Honolulu, HI the match is being televised locally on K5.

Hawai'i leads 11-5 in the first set.
Hawai'i has an eight point lead over the Bronco's.

Hawai'i is bringing some heat in their spikes. Boise only trails by six points, 17-11.
The crowd is getting behind UH chanting 'Let's Go Bows!'

Time out. Hawai'i is four points away from taking the first set.

Boise State trails by eight points, 23-18.
Match point Hawai'i.

Hawai'i wins the first set of the match. We now have a three minute break.

Hawai'i scored the first two points of the second set.
Boise State has tied it up at two.

Hawai'i leads five to three.
Boise State is now within one point of UH.

We are now tied at six a piece.
Hawai'i has the lead with two points, 9-7.

We are tied up at ten points each.
The crowd is trying to inspire the Hawai'i student-athletes by chanting 'Let's Go Bows!' UH responds with three consecutive points.

Time out. Hawai'i 15, Boise State 11.
Hawai'i leads 18 - 11 in the second set.

Time out is called by the Bronco's.
We are being enteratined by the UH Volleyball...a little Hawai'i 5-0.

Boise State is down by 9 points.

Match point Hawai'i.
Boise State has responded with two points, but UH just scores their final point of the match.

Hawai'i wins set two of the match. They just need to win one more set in order to advance to the semi-finals of the Tournment set for tomorrow evening at 7:30p.m.

Karl Benson, WAC Commissioner and UH Director of Athletics Jim Donovan were just introduced to the crowd during our intermission period.

We are being treated to a little Bob Marley over the speakers.

Set three is about to begin. Boise State has the first serve and first point of the set.
Boise State has four unanswered points.

The Bronco's are up 7-0. Time out UH.
Hawai'i scores their first point of the match. They now trail by eight points.

UH is now down by six points. They have scored the last two points.
Time out Boise State.

Coming out of the time out the UH fans are excited and chanting, hoping to inspire the team to score....which they did. UH is now down by five points in the third set of the match. If UH wins this set they advance to the semi-final rounds. If Boise State wins the teams will play set four of the match.

UH is now within three points of the Bronco's.
Boise State 13, Hawai'i 10.

Hawai'i is within two points of Boise. 14-12.
We are now tied at 14 a piece.

UH now has a two point lead over Boise State. 17-15.
Time out Boise State.

Hawai'i is up 20-17. They are five points away from winning the match and advancing to tomorrow night's semi-final match. The winner of this match will face the Idaho Vandals.

Match point Hawai'i. The UH fan's on their feet. I would guess about 5,000 strong.

The match is over. UH wins and will advance to tomorrow's match.
We will be back to blog about the semi-final matches tomorrow beging at 5p.m. (HST)

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