Friday, November 7, 2008


Match number four of the WAC Soccer Tournament is underway. Currently on the field are Fresno State and the home team, the Nevada Wolf Pack. We are joining you with just under 36minutes to go in the match. Currently we are scoreless.

28:42 GOOOOAL by Fresno State's #19 Ali Sill

23:20 Shot on goal by Nevada's #3 Erin Smith. Shot blocked by Kaitlyn Revel.

The Nevada fans are getting into tonight's competition. I am sure the Wolf Pack appreciate their fans being in attendance.

16:58 A corner kick for Nevada produces nothing.

The crowd is now chanting 'Let's go Wolf Pack! They sure have some spirit this evening.

For those of you who are football fan's the Nevada vs. Fresno State football game is on ESPN2. Watch the game while following along with the Women's Soccer Tournament via this blog.

12:25 left in the first half and Fresno State leads 1-0.

6:50 Nevada is the back field trying to set up a play.

We are just under the five minute mark and Fresno State still has the lead. 1-0.

The first half just ended. Fresno State has the lead 1-0. Both teams are exciting the field.
We are listening to a little Nelly "Grillz" ....a little Big N Rich and some classic 80's tunes...

We are back in action....

For those of you who are curious about the Nevada/Fresno State football game going on at this time...Nevada leads 7-0 in the first quarter.

On the soccer field Nevada is on the defense looking to make a stop and turn things around.

39:42 Shot by Nevada's #16 Cristen Drummond....the shot was blocked.

Nevada is on the attack again....with another shot on goal by #16 Cristen Drummond with just under 38 minutes left in the second half. Nevada still trails 1-0.

In football action Fresno State just tied up the game, 7-7 with 1:05 left to play in the first quarter.

Fresno State is now on the attack but couldn't produce anything. We are just under the 33 minute mark in the second half of the match. The winner of this match will go on to play top seed Utah State Sunday afternoon at 1pm (PST) in the championship match of the tournament.

29:21 Fresno State just attempted another shot on goal but was denied.

28:00 Nevada was called off sides when attempting to score.

The Wolf Pack crowd is getting into the match and chanting 'Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack'

24:15 The Bulldogs still have the lead, 1-0.

In football action the Wolf Pack now lead the Bulldogs 14-7 with just under 13 minutes in the second quarter.

21:17 Fresno State had another shot on goal that was blocked.

18:27 Fresno State's shot on goal was blocked again.

15:01 - Shot by Nevada was just too high.

The crowd is chanting again hoping to inspire the team.

8:25 left in the second half of the match and Fresno Still leads 1-0.

6:16 GOOOOOOAL...Utah State just scored their second goal of the match.

4:57 Nevada's attempt at a goal was a bit too high.

3:42 Another shot on goal by Nevada, this time the shot was too wide.

3:11 Shot on goal by Fresno State was blocked.

Fresno State leads 2-0.

In football news Nevada is leading Fresno State 17-7 with 3:49 to go in the second quarter. Again that game is being televised on ESPN2.

Game over. Fresno State will go on to face Utah State in the championship match of the tournament on Sunday at 1pm (PST).

The Wolf Pack fans are chanting and showing support for their team.

We will be back to blog about the championship match. See you then.

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