Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fresno State Wins WAC Tournament Title

What a great tournament! We hope you have enjoyed the blogs!

Fresno State Wins The Tournament Title & Receives The Conference's Automatic Berth To The NCAA Tournament!

Extra innings for the third game in a row.

The Wolf Pack couldn't advance Patrick....we are still tied at 2 heading into the bottom of the seventh inning.

#20 Patrick reaches first base on a single for the Wolf Pack.

Gilleland was unable to outrun the throw to first base. we are still tied at two heading into the top of the seventh inning.

Fresno State has two outs and a runner at second base with #11 Gilleland in the batters box.

In the top of the sixth inning the Wolf Pack had one run on one hit...tying the game up at 2!

We are tied up at Bulldog Diamond as the Wolf Pack score a runner...the Pack have two outs and runners at first and second base.

A special thanks to Malcolm Butler, Louisiana Tech Assistant AD for Media Relation - He is doing the Nevada radio broadcast for Chad Hartley, Wolf Pack SID. Chad lost his voice during yesterday's radio broadcast.

As we head into the top of the sixth inning the Bulldogs are in the field. It's 87 degrees out and there are a ton of umbrellas in the stands and out on the lawn past the outfield fence.

The crowd is now singing along to Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'

The Pack were unable to produce any runs in the top of the fifth inning....Fresno State 2 - Nevada 1

The Bulldogs end the inning with two runs on two hits.

The crowd is very vocal this afternoon....even when a fan catches or drops a foul ball they react with cheers or boos!

The Bulldogs have one out in the bottom of the fourth inning and have scored two runs and have a runner on first. The Wolf Pack have made a pitching change.....

#8 Phipps just hit the second double of the game with the ball bouncing from left field out of the ball park.

The Bulldogs start the inning with a double from #14 Angene.

The Wolf Pack ended the inning with S. Hunt stranded at third. Fresno State is up to bat....

The Wolf Pack score the first run of the game with a hit by Sarah Hunt, who now sits at third base.

In the top of the fourth inning the Wolf Pack have a runner on second and two outs. Sarah Hunt is currently in the batters box....lets see if she can make her way to first base.

After three complete innings Fresno State and Nevada are still tied at zero in the championship game of the WAC Softball Tournament.

Silagyi strikes out swinging. The Pack head into the field as we make our way into the bottom of the third inning.

The Wolf have runners on first and second base and two outs on the board...lets see if #2 Silagyi can load the bases.....

The Bulldogs ended the second inning with two runners left on base. We are still scoreless heading into the third inning.

Wolf Pack center fielder Sarah Hunt just made an UNBELIEVABLE diving catch!

The Bulldogs hit a pop fly to end the inning. After one compete inning we are tied at zero. The Wolf Pack are up to bat next.

A Bulldog single loads the bases.

In the bottom of the first inning the Bulldogs currently have one out and a runners are first and second base. The crowd is really behind the Bulldogs!!

The Wolf Pack were at bat first and were unable to get a runner past first base...the last out of the inning involved the first base runner getting thrown out at second base.

The Bulldogs are the home team in today's contest. Since the WAC Softball Tournament uses a double elimination bracket, if Fresno State loses this game the two teams will face off 30 minutes later since this would be the first loss of the tournament for the Bulldogs.

As you may have guessed, we are having ANOTHER wonderful day....the sun is out, there are no clouds in the sky and we have a slight breeze to help keep somewhat cool. Thankfully there are sun screen stations in the restrooms here at the stadium.

We have a good crowd are still walking into the facility and a number of fans have camped out behind the out field fence.

We are coming to you live from Bulldog Diamond on the campus of Fresno State....The Bulldogs and Wolf Pack are co-regular season champions and each are looking to claim the tournament title and automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament.

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