Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Travel Day to the WAC Softball Tournament

It was an early morning for a few WAC Staffers (Elizabeth Kampfe, Director of Championships ; Hope Shuler, Director of Media Relations and Megan Allen, Director of Marketing) as we made our way from Colorado to Fresno, California for the 2009 WAC Softball Tournament.

Today has been a debacle to put it mildly. Our flight was to depart DIA at 8:37 a.m. - unfortunately we encountered some technical difficulties just before taking off. Thankfully we could stay on the plane while the proper adjustments were being made. The sky's were friendly today with minimal turbulence. Thankfully we were all entertained for the 2+ hour flight....we all watch the movie Bridal Wars. A chick flick that was pretty entertaining and predictable but still good.

We arrived in L.A. and made our way to to our next flight. It was only an hour till we reached Fresno. We decide to split up...I stayed and waited for our bags while Elizabeth stood in line for our car. Usually it takes much longer to get the car when compared to retrieving the bags.....as you can guess our bags did not make the same trek we did....after speaking with a friendly United agent we discovered that our bags had never left Denver. Thankfully they made it a few hours later.

The remainder of our day was spent working with the staff at Fresno State and setting up for the tournament.

Check back tomorrow afternoon as I blog from each game of the tournament.

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