Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day Two of the WAC Softball Tournament

That's the game folks....Fresno State advances in the winner bracket and plays tomorrow at 2:00p.m. The Bronco's will now play Hawaii at 4:45p.m. this afternoon.

The second game of today's five game stint features New Mexico State and San Jose State. First pitch is slated for 12:15

The Bronco's have their first out of the inning from a pop fly to third base.

The inning ends with the Bulldogs scoring four runs on three hits.

A wild pitch allows the Bulldog runner on first to advance to second base. The Bulldogs are currently in a two out rally

The crowd exploded after each hit!

Another Fresno State single brings in two more runs! The Bulldogs are now up 4-0

Lujon hits a single between right and center field scoring two runs! The Bulldogs lead 2-0 in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Bulldogs have the bases loaded. Lets see if #12 Alexis Lujon can make something happen.....

Fresno State now has a runner on second and first after a walk.

Fresno State knocked one out of the park but just passed the foul ball line....#25 Moses heads back to the batters box.

The Bulldogs have one out and a runner on second.
Fresno State just got their third hit of the game.

For our Fresno State fans you can now follow Bulldog Athletics on Twitter - just search FS Athletics

Heading into to the top of the sixth inning we are still scoreless.

New Kids on the Block is now entertaining the crowd...a little fact...the New Kids on the Block will appear on the TODAY show tomorrow morning.

Boise State and Fresno State each have two hits in the game as we remain scoreless.

Boise State's center fielder #2 Tazz Weatherly just made an unbelievable diving catch!

Fresno State gets another hit as #3 Caitlin Stiglich reaches second base on an error

Fresno State has two outs in this inning...the first was a strike out the second was a foul ball pop fly.

Fresno State has a store that sells local products and we have some yogurt covered almonds and some dark chocolate raisins...both are fantastic!

The Bronco's head back into the infield for the bottom of the fourth inning while ACDC plays over the speakers.

We are still scoreless heading into the top of the fourth inning.

Fresno State has their first hit of the game!

Boise State has two hits while Fresno State is still looking for their first hit of the game as we head into the bottom of the third inning.

The Broncos start out the inning with a runner on first and the second batter is retired with a strike out.

We had our first broken bat of the tournament.

A pop fly ends the inning. The Bulldogs return to the infield while we listen to a little 'Brown Eyed Girl'

The Bronco's return to the infield for the bottom of the second inning.

Quote of the day so far.... 'I rock' - little Luke Bailey.
Straton strikes out to end the inning.

M. Moses get the foul ball out as #6 Straton enters the batters box.

We are now in the top of the second inning - still scoreless.

We have a pretty good crowd for today's first game. There is a lot of red out there!

'That was three up three down' - Hope Shuler, Director of Media Relations.

Fresno State has two outs with no runners on bases. M. Moses is up to the plate.

On the mound for the Bronco's is # 8 Allie Crump.

Melloh struck out Viers-Gordillo to end the inning.

Boise State has the bases loaded with two outs and #11 A. Viers-Gordillo in the batters box.

Boise State has two outs with runners on first and second base. Fresno State's licensing and trademark representative just brought the press box ice cream....hooray!

Pitching for the Bulldogs is Morgan Melloh. Boise State has one out and a runner on first base in the top of the first inning.

The Bulldogs are the home team in today's game and are in the field first.

The first game of the day features the seventh seeded Boise State Broncos (this is their inaugural year in the WAC) and the top seeded Fresno State Bulldogs. The Bronco's are 22 and 28 while the Bulldogs are 33 and 18 on the season.

Good morning! We are just about to start day two of the WAC Softball Tournament. It's another beautiful day in Fresno. It's a breezy 66 degrees this morning and the sun is out! We have another perfect view of Yosemite.

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