Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game Two of the WAC Softball Tournament

The Rainbow Wahine take on the Lady Techsters in approximately thirty minutes.

Nevada just defeated the Aggies 5-4.

#10 Beach up to bat. Beach strikes out looking.
The UH Baseball team just showed up to show support for their Rainbow Wahine softball team who plays in the next game.

Haight hits a pop fly caught by the third baseman.

The Wolf Pack are up to bat #11 Haight makes her way to the batters box.
The Aggies close out the inning. Nevada leads 5-4!!

Maroda hits the foul pole and earns a homerun! The Aggies pull within one.
#17 Maroda hits a foul ball close to the fence.

Ortega hits the second homerun of the tournament and brings the Aggies within two of the Wolf Pack.

The Wolf Pack are back on the field for the start of the sixth inning. #24 Ortega is up to bat. Ortega hits a foul ball to start off

Murdock was a few inches away from a homer, but instead hit a foul ball off the left field fence.

The Aggies take the infield and #22 B. Murdock steps into the batters box.

Jennings hits the ball to the short stop and is thrown out at first base. After four and a half innings of play the Wolf Pack lead the Aggies 5- 2.

#23 Jennings now up. The Aggies have two outs and one runner on third base.
# 1 Jones makes her way to the batters box and is one and one. Jones strikes out.
Randall steals second while K. Randall strikes out.

#4 K. Randall makes her way to home plate as her sister sits at first base.
Up first for the Aggies is #21 Randall. Randall hits one between short stop and third base.
A little Vanilla Ice is entertaining the crowd while the Wolf Pack take the infield.

#13 Puzey is thrown out at first base to end the inning.

#2 Silagyi hits one up the middle to the center fielder and earns a RBI bringing in another run and increase their lead. 5-2

The Wolf Pack score and lead 4-2.

Beach hits it to short stop and is thrown out at first base.

The Wolf Pack head to the plate next. Leading off for Nevada is #11 J. Haight. Haight strikes out bringing #11 Beach to the plate.

Our ears are now being graced with a little John Mellencamp...who doesn't love a little Jack and Diane.

#17 Maroda hits a single and earns an RBI. The Aggies end the inning trailing 2-3 heading into the fourth inning.
#5 Autry steps up while a pitch hitter takes over at first base for Nohara.

Nohara hits a fly ball which finds its way to the center fielders glove. #24 Ortega makes her way to the plate next. She hits the ball directly between the short stop and left fielder. Ortega sits at first base.

Up first for the Aggies is #23 Jennings. Jennings hit a double. Up next #26 Nohara.

We were just just treated to a little "Kung Fu Fighting"

D. Bailey carries Lysol wipes with her...she did this prior to the swine flu...thankfully she is prepared so we can clean up a little mess that was created in the press box.

Hunt strikes out ending the third inning.

#7 Bias is up to bat. Bias reaches first base on an error while the Wolf Pack bring in another run. The score is now 3-0. S. Hunt makes her way to the plate while the NM State Aggies bring their team in for a quick huddle.

Puzzy hits one over the left fielders head and two runs are scored.

A ball is thrown and Puzzy advances to second base. The Wolf Pack have one out and a runner on second and third base.
Puzzy is walked bringing #22 B. Murdock to the plate.
#13 B. Puzzy is up to bat. The Wolf Pack only have one out and a runner at third.

We are still scoreless heading into the bottom of the third inning. The Wolf Pack are at the plate. The lead off batter N. Mika hit a fly to center field for the first out of the inning. Up scond is #2 Silagyi.

Fans are going wild for some free t-shirts!

Jone's ended up striking out.
#1 Jones is up to bat. A strike is thrown and K. Randall steals second base.
K. Randall strikes out. The Wolf Pack need one more out to end the inning.
Now up #4 K. Randall (sybling Kylie Randall)

Randall walks down to first base.
Randall has a full count...

Lien strikes out... #25 K. Randall is up to the plate next.
Up first for the Aggies is #32 Lien.

We are now rocking out to a little Billy Joel...Uptown Girl

Patrick hits it to short and is thrown out at first base. After two complete innings we are still scoreless.

Up next is #20 D. Patrick
Beach hits a fly ball which is caught by the third baseman. The Wolf Pack now have two outs.
#10 Beach is up to bat with a one and one count.

Second at bat is #11 J. Haight. First pitch is a strike and Hunt steals second base.
The Wolf Pack are up to bat...leading off is #3 S. Hunt. Sarah walks.

Maroda hits a fly ball to left field. We are still scoreless after 2.5 innings.
Autry strikes out. Up Next is #17 A. Maroda

Up next is the DH #5 Tiffany Autry

#24 Angie Ortega is up first - Angie strikes out

A little Bon Jovi is blaring over the speakers here at Bulldog Diamond.
We are just about to start the second inning with the Aggies at Bat.

First pitch was at 5:05p.m. The Aggies are at bat to start the game.
We are in the bottom of the first inning and are scoreless.

The second game of the Western Athletic Conference Softball Tournament featuring the second seeded Nevada Wolf Pack and the fifth seeded New Mexico State Aggies is now underway.

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