Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game Three of the WAC Softball Tournament Underway

That's the ball game ladies and gentlemen! Louisiana Tech 7 - Hawaii 1

Home run for UH. That puts them up on the scoreboard. (7-1)

La Tech increases the lead to 7-0 in the top of the seventh inning.

A UH double play closes out the inning La Tech leads 4-0.

Louisiana Tech hits their second home run of the game! (fourth of the tournament)

Heading into the top of the sixth inning Louisiana Tech still leads 3-0. The Lady Techsters have three runs on four hits and have no errors while Hawaii has zero runs with four hits and have committed one error.

Great catch by Hawaii's center fielder!

Double play by Louisiana Tech closes out the inning.

Louisiana Tech just hit the third home run of the tournament...they now lead 3-0.

Louisiana Tech leads the game with two runs on three hits and no errors while Hawaii has zero runs, three hits and one error.

Tech closes out the inning with only 4 batters

Louisiana Tech scores the first two runs of the game in the top of the third inning.

The Wahine were unable to advance their runners. We are still scoreless heading into the third inning.

The Rainbow Wahine have runners on second and third...lets see if they can produce a run or two before the inning ends.

UH has runners on first and second base.

Heading into the bottom of the second inning we are still tied at zero. Hawaii is up to bat....

Fresno State's Kristina Netzler has been selecting the tunes all day and has done a fantastic job...we are currently listening to come on ride the train
After a full inning of play the score is 0-0.

The Wahine close out the inning. A little Aruba, Jamaica.... is hitting the the airwaves here at Bulldog Stadium.

The Rainbow Wahine take the field first and are warming up to TNT's 'Thunderstruck'

The Fresno State ground crew has done an excellent job! The field looks amazing.

The UH baseball team strolled into the ball park a few minutes to support Rainbow Wahine. The UH baseball team plays Fresno tomorrow afternoon.

Game three of the Western Athletic Conference is starting thirty minutes behind schedule due to the first game going into extra innings. Right now Hawaii and Louisiana Tech are warming up.

It's an absolutely beautiful evening in Fresno. The sun is starting to set and we have a clear view of the mountains from the press box at Bulldog Diamond.

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