Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music and College Football

Music is an integral part of the collegiate game day experience. Music is used for a variety of reasons:
· Pre-game entertainment - when fans are entering the facility
· Generate momentum in the game – can be used to pump up the team
· Create a reaction / noise from the crowd at a crucial moment
· Provide entertainment for fans even when the action on the field is less than entertaining.

Marketing departments take game day scripting and music selection very seriously. You always want to pick the right song for when the team takes the field, for kick offs, punt returns and for other crucial moments such as third downs on defense. Not only do you need to play popular songs for your team and student section, but you also need to incorporate songs that will hit home with your season ticket holders, alumni and youth.

Below are some songs that I have either played at a college football game/basketball game or that I think would be great for an in-game situation:

Living on a Prayer
Hells Bells
Enter Sandman
Zombie Nation
Rock n’ Roll Part II
Crazy Train
Sweet Home Alabama
Hey Baby
Jump Around
Welcome to the Jungle
Remember the Name

I’m curious to hear what songs you think inspire crowds. So, post a comment with your song suggestions. Please keep in mind there are some rules we are asking you to follow…

The song cannot contain any swear words. We are looking for clean cut, G- rated songs.
The song should not contain any sexually explicit comments, degrading or racial remarks.

I look forward to seeing/hearing your posts!

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