Tuesday, October 21, 2008

College Students and School Spirit

Students paint themselves week after week not only to show their school spirit but to get a few seconds of face time on ESPN or the network that is broadcasting their game. I applaud the creativity these students display but for some reason body painting has always baffled me. I personally have NO desire to paint my skin and then stand outside where the elements can ruin the hard work I have put into my design.

Body painting just seems too messy. The following are questions I have always wondered when looking at someone who has painted him / herself…. How does one clean off all of the paint? How do you prevent the paint from rubbing off onto your fellow fans? What about acne??? These are questions inquiring minds want to know…

Lucky for you I have done some research via the internet to help prepare those interested in painting themselves. The following are some suggestions I have found on-line….I’m not sure how valid these suggestions are…but thought I would share them anyway….

· Avoid heavy oil based paints – oily skin typically causes acne.
· To remove the paint – try baby wipes. They are supposed to help remove the paint from your skin with minimal irritation.
· I’ve also heard that soap and water can do the trick.
· Apply more than one coat.
· If you have sensitive skin one site recommends that you apply hand cream to the application areas…the hand cream is supposed to act as a barrier.
· To prevent rubbing or flaking over long periods of time spray hairspray over the completed paint section. As always when using hairspray I would recommend that you avoid your eyes and mouth….

Again, I’m not sure if my internet research is valid but you never know. Good luck to those of you who plan to paint your face/body in the next coming weeks…..

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