Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WAC Tournament Women's Game 1 - No. 9 San Jose State vs. No. 8 Hawai‘i

WAC staff here blogging live from the Lawlor Events Center in Reno, Nev. San Jose State and Hawai‘i women have already tipped off. UH leads by a score of 11-9 with 15:55 to go in the first half.

Hawaii band is present and playing proud and loud ... The UH twirler is in full action out on the floor.

Back to the action ...

15-9 UH leads 14:45 to go in 1st

UH band dressed in green polos and is very loud as SJSU shoots its free throws

16-11 with 13:06 in 1st

Hawaii goes on a run ... 21-11 UH with 11:47 tp play in 1st

23-15 with 10:05 to go in 1st

Kanekoa of UH leads both teams in scoring with 10 points

we have one Nevada fan with a sign that says "SPAM" and he is rooting for SJSU and is trying to compete with UH's band as far as who is being louder.

SJSU making a little run ... UH 23, SJSU 17 with 7:59 to go in 1st

Hawaii band is very entertaining ...

UH's Kanekoa still leads all scores with 10 points ... Liepkalne has five

Shaunna Ridge leads SJSU with seven points ... Sayja Sumler has five rebounds

UH just drained its fifth three of the game ... 26-17 UH with 7:24

UH shooting nearly 50 percent from the floor

UH 29, SJSU 22 with 4:45 to go in 1st

Just spotted Natalie Williams in the crowd ... from wikipedia: see wikipedia .. link is here

Williams has an olympic gold medal ... was a ucla star and a wnba star

UH 31, SJSU 22 with 3:50 to go in 1st

WAC just had its version of So You Think You Can Dance as it just had a Verizon Wireless Dance-Off between fans during the time out. Very funny ...

Kanekoa continues to lead all scores with 12 ponts ... Ridge leads SJSU with seven points ... UH is 5-for-11 from beyond the arc ...

UH 35, SJSU 24 ... 1:26 to go in 1st


Halftime Stats brought to you by the Saibini family:

SJSU: Ridge, 7 pts., Hamilton and Brown, 4 pts., Sumler, 5 reb.,

UH: Kanekoa, 12 pts., Liepkalne, 10 pts., Arbuckle, 6 pts., Tinnin and Liepkalne, 4 reb.

Second period is now underway ...

UH with its sixth three-point basket of the night ... UH leads 42-30 ... 18:18 to play

UH 46, SJSU 32 15:39

Jiffy Lube timeout promotion ... very nice ... race on mini scooters ... winner got an ipod nano

Stats: UH Tinnin and Kanekoa each with 12 points ... lead all scores
UH 60, SJSU 36 ... 8:10 to play
UH 62, SJSU 40 ... 5:51 to play
UH 64, SJSU with 2 mins to play
Hawai‘i moves on to play Fresno State in Wednesday's quarterfinal game.

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