Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WAC Tournament Men's Game No. 1 - No. 9 Fresno State vs. No. 8 Hawaii

Sorry for the delay, but we were wrapping up the press conferences from the women's game. It's always tough to see a team's season come to an end, especially when you have seniors that have made a big impact on their program.

We're currently at the 7:50 mark of the first half. The Rainbow Warriors are up 14-10. Neither team is shooting particularly well - Hawaii is at 33 percent, and the Bulldogs are at 29 percent.

Roderick Flemings has a game-high 10 points for Hawaii.

Hawaii has a player named Balocka. It's pronounced Ba-loach-ka. For some reason, it makes me think of pasta.

With five minutes left in the first half, it's 17-11 Hawaii.

Now Trevor is showing off - throwing shirts across the court to the fans on the other side of the arena!

There are 11 photographers on the baseline. It seems like a lot more than usual.

The timeout entertainment is a dance contest. I'm voting for the 50+ gentleman. Unfortunately, he didn't win. He seemed a little out of his element. Then again, all three contestants did.

At halftime, Hawaii leads 28-23.

Hawaii's baton twirler is the halftime entertainment again, but there's a glitch with her music. Now that she's started, she is amazing. She is using three batons at a time!

Our intern Trevor just threw t-shirts into the stands for a three-pointer and I'm not sure he made it past the third row. He's also unshaven. He's had a long day ...

We're got a one-point ballgame, 34-33!

There are some really good prizes for the games! Some guy just won an iPod for going the fastest on a scooter!! Too bad employees can't participate.

I think Fresno State is now making threes just to give Trevor a chance to redeem himself!

We just had the highlight of the tournament so far - Hawaii's Roderick Flemings just had a nasty dunk!

Brian Seals just returned the favor with a dunk, although it wasn't as impressive as Flemings'.

Now Trevor is showing off - throwing t-shirts across the court to fans on the other side of the arena.

In our latest promotion, a teenage boy won tickets to Menopause, the Musical. Funny!!

With 8:00 minutes left, it's a three-point game, 51-48.

The two teams have combined for 13 treys. The Fresno State women average close to 10 a game.

It's a five-point game with less than two minutes remaining. It looks like both Hawaii teams will advance out of the opening round.

Fresno State rallied to win 62-58.

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