Thursday, August 6, 2009

WAC Commercials

The Western Athletic Conference is unveiling two commercials later today.

The first commercial focuses on the Conference as a whole. The commercial includes images from our diverse geographic locations, recent athletic success including Fresno State's College World Series victory and the final images of the Boise State / Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game. Other images featured focus on the commitment each university has to both athletics and academics through recent facility (Idaho and Louisiana Tech) and campus renovations (Nevada) and enhancements.

The second commercial focus on the importance of sportsmanship and the traits we instill in our student-athletes and expect from our coaches and fans. The sportsmanship commercials feature student-athletes from all nine institutions. We traveled to Logan, Utah back in June to shoot the commercial. The SAAC student-athletes were meeting at that time and it was the perfect opportunity to film a representative from each institution while in one location. As you can see the SAAC student-athletes did a superb job in the commercial! SAAC stands for Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Representatives from each campus have a monthly conference call to discuss ways to get involved in the community and issues they face as student-athletes. SAAC members are elected on campus by their peers and we have various sports represented on the board and in the, swimming, basketball, golf, gymnastics and soccer and more.....

The Conference wide and Sportsmanship commercials will air on the WAC website, pre-game at WAC athletic events and during nationally televised games.

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