Thursday, January 29, 2009

Play Up Tour - Week Two

The Play Up Tour continued last weekend in San Jose, CA.
I flew in the night before and was able to attend the men's game between San Jose State and Fresno State.
After the game I had dinner with Michael Beaubien, Director of Marketing at SJSU and Brian Bates, Associate Executive Director of the SJSU Alumni Association...they took me to the best pizza place...Pizza My Heart. Now, I am not a huge pizza fan. Odd, I know....I have been told this several times. So, heading into the establishment I was a bit skeptical but seriously, the pizza was amazing. They give you a giant slice with tons of toppings. It was glorious.

The next day at the women's game we gave away 150 Play Up t-shirts to fans as they entered the facility. In addition to the Play Up festivities SJSU also had a pre-game program in honor of their 40th anniversary in women's athletics. About 100 former female student-athletes and coaches were in attendance at the luncheon and were then recognized on court at half time.

After the game I was back on a plane to Denver.
Next week the Play Up Tour hits Fresno State and Utah State.
The first 200 fans in attendance at the Fresno State game will receive a mini sharpie. Sunday's game is also their National Girls and Women in Sports Day .

Those of you attending the Utah State women's game we will distribue water bottles to the first 200 fans in attendance.

Click HERE for more information on the Play Up Tour.

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